Wright State University Administrative Specialist in Dayton, Ohio

Posting Information

Job Summary/Basic Function

Under general supervision provides administrative and clerical support by maintaining confidential financial/academic databases, works on special projects (department publications, course documentation), prepares routine and special correspondence/reports. May supervise student workers, graduate assistants and/or staff.

Minimum Qualifications

A high-school diploma or GED and 1.5 year (FT) related work experience OR, two years of post- secondary education and six months (FT) of related work experience. Excellent verbal/communication skills. Experience in writing, editing, and budget management. Ability to calculate basic math. Working knowledge and skills to utilize current office equipment and a variety of complex software packages. Demonstrated skills/knowledge of additional software may also be required. WSU Testing/Examinations Required: Word-Standard

Essential Functions and percent of time

40% – Financial Audits department budget monthly to ensure funds for purchase orders created to pay students, site supervisors, honorariums paid out to reviewers of promotion and tenure documentation. Manages depart pro-card and personal pro-card, maintains and audits pro-card logs with receipts for self, department, and chair. Completes required steps to enter hire adjuncts in PeopleAdmin and record-keeping while entering EPAFS for adjuncts and faculty overloads. Maintains inventory on supplies and equipment, ensures that supplies for class use paid for by student fees and updates student fee form submissions as required. Completes ESPM transactions for excess supplies as needed. Travel Forms holder, first reviews professional development accounts to ensure that the funds for travel are available then ensures provost approval before issuing travel forms. Interprets rules and regulations in regards to what are appropriate travel costs before submitting form to business manager. 35% – Administrative Support Assists with answering program questions for incoming students and directs them to faculty advisors if needed. Assists in graduate admissions and interview process. Assigns applicants to faculty groups for review in salesforce, invites students to interview, answers student questions to best of ability, secures rooms for interviews, creates printed materials and sign in sheet for interviews, assists faculty as needed during interviews and secures refreshments. Assigns incoming students to advisors to help distribute advisor’s advisee load. Helps faculty advisors maintain digital student files using Xtender. Maintains confidential database of student comprehensive and licensure exam results for accreditation. Prepares reports from COGNOS for advisors and accreditation as needed. Maintains records of confidential student and faculty data. Completes class and office hour cancellation forms when faculty call off from work. Supports Faculty by either completing or delegating requests for student workers or graduate assistants for copies, fliers, correspondence, created and maintains pilot site for department that contains master syllabi and working syllabi, programs of study, commonly requested forms, department meeting minutes. Edits and proofs typed documents ad requested. Initiates regular and special occasion correspondence as needed. Proctors comprehensive exam for counseling master’s degree students. Department point of contact for key issuing and returns, liaison with building services, equipment including computer and Xerox printing maintenance and repair. Interacts on the behalf of the department with outside agencies. 15% – Course Scheduling Works directly with the Chair, Dean’s office, and Registrar to audit and maintain the department’s course schedule each term and the department’s course planning guide. Communicates schedules and requests faculty input of their schedule for future semesters. Course Overrides; looks at student’s request and reviews student’s transcript to see if student meets requirements to be allowed into the class and either permits or denies course override based upon department policy. Completes add/drop forms for students and will sign on behalf of advisor with emailed request from advisor. Works with faculty and book store to order books for scheduled classes.

10% – Supervision Posts jobs for student workers and graduate assistants using Handshake. Conducts interviews. Hires students and completes paperwork required to hire students and secure delegated computer accounts or Banner/ WINGS access for students. Looks at office needs organizes office and delegates duties to student workers and graduate students. Supervises and trains students as needed. Tracks graduate and undergraduate student hours on a paper log. Compares student worker paper log to electronic log and approves pay. Ensures that student workers do not complete more than 28 hours a week or go over department budget for employees. Communicates with graduate students to ensure they complete 20 hours per week per their contract. Completes semester by semester performance appraisals.

Working Conditions

Typical office environment.

To preserve the safety and security of the campus community and to maintain the integrity of university operations, it is the policy of Wright State University before making an employment offer conduct various background checks, such as a criminal record, credit history when job related and/or education verifications. Additionally, an administrative review shall be conducted whenever the university learns that an employee is charged with or convicted of a crime (except for minor vehicle violations).

Frequently asked questions related to background checks may be found on the human resources website at http://www.wright.edu/human-resources.

Effective July 1, 2017, per Policy 7230 Wright State University is tobacco-free. Tobacco use, including the sale, advertising sampling and distribution of tobacco products and tobacco related items is prohibited in all university facilities, on all university owned or leased grounds, university owned or operated residence halls and apartments, and at all university sponsored events regardless of location. Tobacco use is also prohibited in all university vehicles or on any equipment owned, leased or operated by Wright State University. This policy applies to anyone on campus including students, faculty, staff, visitors, consultants, vendors, patients, volunteers, and contractor employees.

Faculty Rank or Job Title: Administrative Specialist

Job Category: Classified (non-exempt)

Department: Human Services

Equity & Inclusion No.: 18C071

Position FTE: 100%

Minimum Annual or Hourly Rate: $13.56/hr.

Salary Band: CS 13

Posting Date: 03/14/2018

Closing Date: 03/27/2018

Open Until Filled: No