The Christ Hospital Health Network Surgical Technologist - Operating Room - Liberty in LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio

Title: Surgical Technologist

Shift: Full Time, Days

Job Overview: Primary responsibility involves performance of specific tasks as a scrub technologist and/or during surgical procedures to facilitate the efficient and safe progress of the surgical case. Assist with the maintenance of surgical instruments, supplies, and equipment. Maintain positive customer relations. Shall demonstrate competency and possess the technical skills appropriate for his/her assigned cases and utilizes that knowledge in assisting others. Performs various duties within his/her scope of responsibility and is accountable to the Clinical Manager.

The Surgical Technologist may perform the following duties:

  • Reviews surgical preference lists to clarify surgical routine and update preference lists as needed

  • Utilizes resources to obtain needed supplies for the case

  • Checks table(s) for complete readiness for each procedure

  • Ensures all items needed for the case are present

  • Obtains physician’s special instruments and sutures prior to start of the case

  • Ensures communication made to surgeon prior to the start of the case if any supplies

  • Functions during operative procedures as the sterile member of the team to hand instruments, sutures, and supplies

  • Shares pertinent information with Charge Nurse

  • Returns borrowed equipment to its proper location

  • Under the surgeon’s supervision, assists with suctioning secretions, holding retractors, assisting with skin closure, cutting sutures and irrigating wounds

  • Circulates for operative procedures under supervision of R.N.

  • Operative site is prepared

  • Cleanses operative site

  • Connects drainage tubes to appropriate devices

  • Assists and/or applied sterile dressing

  • Assists with patient transfer to bed/stretcher

  • Covers soiled gloves with clean exam gloves

  • Assists with transfer with adequate number of assistants present

  • Responsible for knowing and using good body mechanics

  • Processes surgical table

  • Disassembles table(s) contents and instruments, and places in proper receptacles for cleaning

  • Sends (appropriate) instruments to CSR and/or clean up room for terminal cleaning

  • Disposes of trash and linen appropriately

  • Assists in expediting case turnaround time

  • Assists with cleaning of tables and floors

  • Instruments, sharps, and sponges are counted according to policy

  • Identifies and transfers surgical specimens according to O.R. policy

  • Performs safety check on all equipment (power instruments, etc.) for proper assembly, completeness and operation before it is used

  • Correctly prepares and labels medications including dosages and percentages to be used during the case according to type of procedure to be done and/or doctor’s preference card

  • Keeps operative field free of unused instruments, equipment, and sharps

  • Receives instruments from surgeon

  • Keeps instruments clean by wiping blood and tissue from instruments

  • Removes unnecessary articles from the operative field

  • Follows universal precautions according to hospital policy

  • Assumes responsibility and accountability for professional growth and development.

  • Contributes to the professional development of peers, colleagues and others

  • Understands factors related to cost and effective outcomes when planning and implementing patient care

  • Initiates care in a timely manner, manages workload effectively

  • Understands and maintains awareness of fiscal responsibility by utilizing staff, time, equipment, and supplies appropriately

Education: The surgical technologist is a graduate of an approved school of surgical technology. The approved surgical technologist programs are a two year program of education and on the job practice which allows the technologist to graduate at the end of the course, and work in a hospital O.R.

Other Skills:The technologist is responsible for knowledge of use, care, and handling of surgical instruments. The surgical technologists is a graduate of an approved school of surgical technology. BLS for healthcare providers (American Heart Association) is required prior to patient contact. Certification in Surgical Technology (CST) is expected within five years of start date.