American Electric Power Generation Dispatcher IV in Columbus, Ohio

Title Generation Dispatcher IV

Auto req ID 16621BR

Location Columbus, OH

Job Type Full-Time

Job Category Energy/Utilities

Relocation No

Job Description Generation Dispatchers dispatch AEP's generation assets into a specific market, ISO and/or control area and/or remotely operate AEP's hydro units. The duties include communication with power plant operators and RTO/RRO/Market personnel to ensure AEP's unit's capabilities/equipment are correctly represented in all associated computer systems for reliability and financial purposes.

Along with unit capabilities, Generation Dispatchers also monitor records and reports on emission information.

Generation Dispatchers assigned to hydro operation also coordinate maintenance schedules and the production schedules for all AEP's Hydro units including obtaining and maintaining specific water levels in river systems in accordance with local and governmental requirements.

Dispatchers are required to be or obtain NERC and PJM Certification and are required to accomplish all job tasks in accordance to NERC/RRO Standards.

The Generation Dispatcher has the responsibility and authority in directing power plant control room operators to take appropriate action ensuring that units are operated in such a manner as to support reliable operation of the Bulk Electric System. They are also responsible for optimizing AEP's unit operation in relationship to market conditions and requirements by minimizing dispatch costs while adhering to economic market instructions.

Generation Dispatchers should also assist in maintaining financial and operational positions as well as ensuring an accurate flow of information to settlements regarding the production of energy in the areas.

Hydro Dispatchers also work closely with government organizations like the Corp of Engineers to maintain proper water levels to promote river transportation. Assist NERC reliability entities in maintaining Bulk Electric System (BES) stability. Verbally communicate real-time changes of AEP generation fleet's capability to RTO Market Operators, Regional Reliability Coordinators and AEP Transmission Operation. Learn NERC Generation Operator and AEP Dispatch responsibilities and how generation activities impact the BES. Learn the steps listed in AEP's Emergency Operation Plan and be able to execute the steps in an emergency. Develop a good working knowledge of all Generation Dispatch systems and their associated support teams especially Generation Control SCADA System (GCSS) and Plant Information System (PI). Learn the real-time power market operations, its effect on AEP generation and on Bulk Electric System stability.

Generation Dispatchers must also be aware of the effect of the production of energy and ancillary services on their financial position; therefore, knowledge of financial markets is necessary. Learn NERC Balancing Authority responsibilities and the relationships between other NERC entities. Learn power plant operations and be capable of assessing the risk potential of those operations on plant reliability and capability; and the potential impacts of those operations on Bulk Electric System Learn all FERC license agreement stipulations and operate AEP's hydro units within specified limits. Learn all AEP hydro facility Emergency Action Plans and be able to execute the steps listed in those plans in the event of an emergency. Ensure the accurate flow of generation information to settlements.

Minimum Requirements

Generation Dispatcher IV is required to prepare for NERC Certification and is expected to pass their certification test within two years of their start date. PJM certification must be obtained within one year of start date. Failure to do so within the required time frame will require the incumbent to vacate the position.

Generation Dispatcher IV's are required to have a two-year technical degree or a high school diploma and two years of related experience.

Must pass System Operator/Power Dispatching (SO/PD) test (Will be administered as part of interviewing process. Our practice and general test information is listed in link below).

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